Demo Reel Breakdown

Layout reel


Autodesk Maya

 Rough camera layout.

 Rought set modeling, blockout and dressing

 Rough character animation

 Rough lighting


Spiderman into the Spiderverse

Autodesk Maya

 Rough camera layout.

 Rough character animation

 Rough lighting

Duck Duck Goose

Autodesk Maya

 Camera animation & timing

 Rough set modeling

 Rough lighting

 Rough character animation


Previz reel

BLU vs RED_v2

Autodesk Maya

Original concept

 Camera layout

 Camera motion & timing

 Character animation.

 Mocap editing and layered hand keyed animation

 Set modeling

 Lighting

 HIK rig setup

 Mocap transfer from HIK to control rigs

 FX

 Sound fx/Sound editing

 Video editing

 Crowd animation-mocap editing 

 Screen interface design 

Xmen Origins Wolverine

Autodesk 3ds Max

Conceived and pitched sequence

 Camera layout and animation

 Character animation

 Vehicle animation

 Rough set and environment modeling